Glantawe (Swansea Valley) Lions Club History

Glantawe (Swansea Valley) Lions Club was formed in 1973 when it received its Charter from Lions Clubs International. So Glantawe Lions has been providing practical and financial aid to individuals and groups in the Swansea Valley and further afield for over thirty five years.

Although Glantawe (Swansea Valley) Lions, in common with Lions throughout the World, like to enjoy themselves and not become too bogged down with stuffy meetings, we are only too aware that the business of raising money, receiving and assessing requests for help and the disbursement of money raised has to be taken seriously.

The Club therefore meets once a month at a formal ‘Business Meeting’ when these topics are deliberated upon by the members and decisions are made. In order to cover the necessary business in a reasonable time, Glantawe (Swansea Valley) Lions Club appoints a number of sub-Committees that also meet monthly to deal with such topics as Community Service, Youth and Fund Raising activities in some detail. They then report back to the Business meetings with recommendations. The Business Meetings are held at the Mercure Hotel Swansea, on the second Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm.

Every year Lions Clubs elect a President and one or two Vice Presidents; the First Vice President deputises for the President in his/her absence. The President chairs the Club’s Business Meetings and provides guidance to the Club when necessary. The President appoints a Club Secretary, Hon Treasurer and the chairpersons of the various sub-Committees. However, it is usually the case that the President’s appointments are strongly influenced by Club opinions and, of course by the preferences of individual Lions.

As we noted above, Lions do like to have a good time so every month there is a ‘Dinner Meeting’ which is also attended by partners and friends or, indeed, anybody who has an interest in what we do. Dinner Meetings are most definitely not formal affairs and need not necessarily involve a dinner in the usual sense of the word although food is usually involved!