President’s Message

‘ To empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions clubs ‘

Our Mission Statement

My name is Malcolm Curtis and it is my honour to be the President of Glantawe (Swansea Valley) Lions for the year 2016-17 and I would like to welcome you to our Website.

Lions Clubs International was founded in Chicago in 1917, meaning that the organisation will be 100 years old next year. Glantawe (Swansea Valley) Lions Club was chartered in 1973 making it 43 years old; that means 43 years of helping the Swansea Valley Community.

During those 43 years we have helped individuals and groups throughout the valley achieve their goals, meet their needs, have a better life. We have also helped communities throughout the world by funding eye camps; assisting in disaster relief; educating children.

Wherever there is a need in the world, Lions Clubs International have been there to help over the last 100 years; and if that need has been in the Swansea Valley then Glantawe (Swansea Valley) Lions Club has been there to help the community.

In 2016 the pace of life and of change is much faster than it was in 1973 when we were chartered, and Glantawe (Swansea Valley) Lions club will be embracing that change by developing our social media skills over the coming months. To interact with the community in 2016 needs Facebook, Twitter, websites and much more. It is our aim this year to become part of that ever changing scene, so that we will be able to build ever closer links to the Swansea Valley Community, thereby allowing us to help and serve the community more quickly. 

Social media is a two way street, it allows us to help the community better, but it will also allow the community to help us better. We need new members with new ideas, hopefully we can connect with people who also want to help the Swansea Valley community. Also, the community of the Swansea Valley have always been very generous in supporting the Lions at supermarket collections and fetes; social media will give us the opportunity to appeal to more of these people, thereby increasing the funds available for use in the valley.

Glantawe (Swansea Valley) Lions have always been a caring club, We Serve because We Care, but we are also a fun club. When we are collecting at supermarkets, raffling soft toys at fetes, we are always having fun. 

Just a note to end on, some charity organisations are coming in for bad press because of the salaries of some of their employees, and because of their hard sell donation tactics. At Glantawe (Swansea Valley) Lions Club we pay to be a member, and ALL of the monies raised goes back into the Swansea Valley community or helping disasters abroad. We will NEVER hassle you for donations.