Message In A Bottle


So, what is Message in a Bottle?

It is a surprisingly simple idea that encourages vulnerable people, e.g. those living on their own, to keep a record of their basic personal and medical details in a standard form and in a common location so that they can easily be found in the unfortunate event of an emergency arising.

Even if you don’t have a medical condition that the emergency services should know about, it might still be a good idea to have a bottle so that they will know who should be informed of your situation or, perhaps, to ensure that a pet is given the care it needs.

What is the common location that you mentioned?

Your fridge. The Emergency Services, who are fully supporting this scheme, will know to look for the bottle there if they are called to your home as they will have been alerted to your participation in the scheme by the use of two special stickers. One is placed adjacent to handle on the inside of the main door to your home, the other is stuck on the fridge door.

Why the fridge?

Firstly, most homes have a fridge, usually in the kitchen, so it enables the Emergency Services to find your details quickly and easily as they will know exactly where to look. Also, the contents of the fridge are protected for longer in the event of fire.

What is the cost?

There is NO COST to the user. All the costs of running the scheme are met by Glantawe (Swansea Valley) Lions Clubs as part of “Lions Caring for our Communities”.

What areas does your scheme cover?

Glantawe (Swansea Valley) Lions Club covers the Tawe Valley communities described on our home page. If you live outside of the Glantawe (Swansea Valley) area please visit the Lions U.K. web site where you will be able to find the Lions Club that covers your area and obtain further information about Message in a Bottle from them.

Can I stop wearing my Medic Alert Bracelet?

NO! If you have a specific medical condition and routinely wear either a Medic Alert or the similar SOS Talisman bracelet or necklace, you should CONTINUE TO WEAR IT. The Message in a Bottle is NOT designed to replace MEDIC ALERT. The Message in a Bottle scheme is to be used as an extra means of providing information to the Emergency Services when you are at home.