Tree of light

Once again, The Glantawe (Swansea Valley) Lions Club is undertaking their “Tree of Light” project.

 All the money raised will be presented to local causes with nothing being taken out for administration costs, these being met thanks to the generosity of local businesses. These were the Principality Building Society, Vale INCO Europe Ltd and Pontardawe Town Council.


Glantawe Lions Virtual Tree of Light

This year, Glantawe (Swansea Valley) Lions Club have introduced a virtual Tree of Light so that people who are not able to attend one of the dedication services listed above can see their family and friend listed below.

To do this just tick the Web box on the form. If you also want your details posted on an actual tree, then tick that box as well. This will require additional sponsor money.

The money donated to this tree will go to the Glantawe Charity Fund. Money donated to any of the actual trees will go to that tree’s designated charity.

Thanks to all who have donated as all the money collected will go to good causes within the Swansea Valley.



Sponsor In Memory Of


This tree has so far raised,
for the Glantawe Lions Charity Fund
the sum of :- £10.00